It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas…


ing with me!  “…every where you go”…  Well, maybe not everywhere, but at least in my house!  🙂  I have been busy getting all my Christmas decorations up because I’m hosting my annual Cookie Exchange on Sunday afternoon.  It’s been fun decorating because we just moved into this house a few months ago and I got to really play around with where I’d put things this year.  Change is always good!

So, without further ado, here’s my festive home…

The Red, Black, White & Silver tree in the living room:


And, the tricked out garland I tried (Thanks to Nester)…I don’t have a fireplace in this house, so I had to use it over the doorway between the living room and the kitchen/dining room.  I used one of the branchy type garlands and one of the single piece garlands, wrapping the single piece in and around the other to make it fuller.  Then I draped it with a “Cranberry garland” (actually red wooden beads), tucked in poinsettia blooms, some dried sticks, and a few other goodies, and then hung a jingle bell in the center with a pretty bow.  I’m pretending this is my mistletoe b/c I haven’t had the chance to get out to the farm to get any yet.



And a closer shot:


And that takes us into the dining room…I have a kitchen tree that is decorated with more of the red ‘cranberry’ garland, little gingerbread ornaments, and cooking utensils.  I tucked in some silver feathery things and some of the dried sticks that were used in the garland.  I thought this helped tie the two rooms together since when you’re in one room  you can see into the other.


On the table I have the Southern Living at Home Candelier with candles and greenery/poinsettias.  I love this piece, and it’s so elegant, yet simple.


And I finally got around to hanging the curtains in the dining room today…plus I made a cute valance out of some fabric I had left over from aprons I made for Chrstmas gifts.  I also hung a little wreath in the window, although I think I need to lower it (I hung it before I put the valance up).


And, then there’s the guest bathroom/the kids bathroom.  I put a small tree in here and they decorated it all by themselves using all the ornaments they’ve made or have been given.  A few other odd ornaments are on there as well…basically if they don’t fit into the theme of the other trees, it goes on here.  🙂


On the shelf of the cabinet above the potty, I put one of our nativity sets:


And added a poinsettia on the vanity:


That brings us to the outside.  I didn’t do alot outside, mainly because I ran out of time, energy and stuff!  🙂

But, here’s what you see as you approach the door:



What’s that you say?  That’s a unique wreath?  Well, yes, it is!  I got the idea from a blog…but I’m not sure which one it was.  I made my “W” monogram wreath from styrofoam that I cut with a jig saw into my W shape, and then wrapped it with some garland and tucked in a few berries.  Here’s a closer view:


I hope you like my holiday home.  Please let me know what you think!


17 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas…

  1. I love the wreath on your door! I want to make one. I’ve heard of using a metal hanger and wrapping garland around it, but who knows how that would turn out. lol. I like your idea better. Love your gingerbread man/utensil tree!

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