Cupcake Hero

That’s me.  Well, I’m hoping it’s me, anyway.  Saturday I was searching for a cake recipe online and stumbled across a blog called I Heart Cuppycakes.  I instantly knew I’d like it just from the name.  I browsed around and discovered that I Heart Cuppycakes hosts a Cupcake Hero contest each month…basically the cupcake version of a throwdown in blogworld.  I knew immediately that I wanted to participate!  

Each month a new ingredient is announced and we must make a cupcake focusing on that ingredient.  August’s ingredients is…………one of my favorite berries…………RASPBERRY!!!  I was super excited.  But the deadline to enter was today, Monday.  And it was Saturday!  So, what did I do?  The only thing I could do.  I went to the store, bought what I needed and spent Sunday afternoon baking, filling and frosting cupcakes.  Then, photographing my cupcakes, uploading the pics and emailing the host.  I certainly didn’t want to miss the deadline!   Voting/Judging is this week, and then the winner will be announced in a couple weeks.  Check out Cupcakes & Other Culinary Creations in a couple days to see all the entries.

Here’s the cupcake I made – a Raspberry-Lemon Swirl Cupcake with Mascarpone Filling.


I added a fresh raspberry in with the filling…a nice surprise, and it looks so cool when you cut the cupcake!


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