Low WW Point BLT Wrap

I think I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely love a BLT sandwich.  I wanted to find a way to still have my favorite sandwich while on the Weight Watchers program.   By turning it into a wrap, I saved a few points – the whole wheat tortillas I buy are either one or two points per tortilla, depending on the brand.  I also was able to find a ‘lower fat’ bacon that equals out to just 2 points for 3 slices.  So, check your grocery store and see if you can find something similar.

Let me show you how crazy-easy this is.

Start by combining 1 tsp low fat mayonnaise and 1 tsp. fat free sour cream in a small dish. 

Now, fry up 3 slices of the lower fat bacon until nice and crispy.

Be sure to blot off as much of the excess grease from the bacon by pressing it  between two paper towels.

Chop up some lettuce.

Chop or slice up a small tomato.

To assemble the wrap,  spread the mayo/sour cream mixture down the center of the tortilla.

Arrange tomatoes on top of this mixture.

Then top with the lettuce.

And, lastly, add your bacon slices.

Now, start at one side and roll it all up, just like a soft taco.

See?  I told you that was easy. 


  • 1 tsp low fat mayonnaise
  • 1 tsp fat free sour cream
  • 3 slices lower fat bacon (or other bacon to equal 2 pts)
  • lettuce, chopped
  • tomato, chopped or sliced
  • 1 whole wheat tortilla (find those that are just 1 or 2 pts!)

Cook bacon until crisp; drain on paper towels to remove excess grease.  Mix sour cream and mayo; spread down center of tortilla.  Top with tomatoes and lettuce.  Add bacon slices on top of lettuce.   Roll up and enjoy!

Servings:  1

Points Per Serving:  3 or 4, depending on pts of the tortilla

6 thoughts on “Low WW Point BLT Wrap

  1. Just found your site – thanks for the great BLT Wrap Recipe!

    Not sure if you ever tried La Tortilla Factory Low Carb/High Fiber Tortillas. They are only 80cals per tortilla and taste great!

    My husband and I use at least 2 of them a day – we use them in all of my meals such as breakfast (egg burritos), lunch (all types of wraps such as turkey, veggie..etc) and dinner (for pizzas..etc) although they can be also used for snacks (you just have to get creative).

    If you like pizza, we list one of our favorite recipes (Italian Veggie Pizza) which is only 195 Calories per pizza on our site.

    Hope you like the recipe! Thanks for great post and forward to reading more!

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