Chicken Taquitos – WW 2 pts each!

I have a great recipe for you today!  It’s one that can be used an appetizer or a main dish.  It’s one that you AND your kids will love.  It’s one that’s super easy and super delish.  Chicken Taquitos.  This recipe is a spin-off of one I saw online somewhere…I altered it a bit to suit our family’s tastes, and to make it healthier than the original fried version of taquitos.

To make these taquitos you just need 5, count ’em FIVE, ingredients.

  • Corn tortillas
  • canned chicken
  • salsa
  • lowfat or fat free cheese
  • taco seasoning

That’s it, folks!  If you’re like me, you have all those things in your kitchen on any given day, so this is something you can make any time.  And theyr’e pretty quick to throw together as well, so if you have some friends drop by unexpectedly and you want to feed them something…whip up these taquitos.  They’ll love them. And they won’t know they’re low-points either!

So, to make the taquitos (this recipe makes 8), you start by draining one can of chicken and placing it in a bowl along with 1/2 cup salsa.  

 Place the mixture in a fine mesh strainer set over a bowl and let the excess liquid drain off.  You don’t want this mixture to be too wet, or you’ll end up with soggy taquitos.  Nobody likes a soggy taquito!

While the salsa/chicken mixture is draining, you need to warm up those corn tortillas!  Place the tortillas between damp paper towels and microwave for one minute.  They will come out soft and pliable.  If you skip this step, you won’t be able to roll the tortillas up, they’ll just crumble.

Now, your salsa/chicken mixture should be well drained.  Add in 1/3 cup lowfat cheese and 1/2 tsp taco seasoning ( more or less to taste).  Stir well to combine everything.

Spray both sides of one tortilla with cooking spray.  Then spoon about 2 tbsp of the chicken mixture onto the tortilla.

Roll up the totilla tightly and place seam side down on a greased baking sheet.

I didn’t have a problem with mine wanting to unroll, but if you do, just use a toothpick to secure them.  Bake at375 for about 15 minutes, or until lightly golden brown and crispy.

Servings: 4 (2 Taquitos per serving)

Points per serving: 4 (Each Taquito is 2 points!)


3 thoughts on “Chicken Taquitos – WW 2 pts each!

  1. Our only complaint is that there was so many bones that used the space in the actual crockpot we were left with hardly any broth. My husband was thinking we’re able to just make the soup while using boullion cubes water the particular onion and ginger and get on the same result. I just am unclear how much flavor we actually got from the beef bones. Cindy Feliciano

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