Winner, Winner, Christmas Dinner!!!

As promised, I’m here to announce the winner of my giveaway!!  I really need to be in the kitchen getting started on all the baking I need to get done today, but I love you all, so here I am.

Before I tell you who won, I want to tell you what *I* make every year at Christmas…I forgot to add that the other day!  It’s something called Hanky Pankies.   Growing up, it was a STAPLE at my Granny’s for Christmas.  It just wasn’t Christmas if we didn’t have Hanky Pankies.  So now, I make them.  I made them just last night, as a matter of fact.  And the recipe is in the cookbook, so the lucky winner will be able to make them too!  (And don’t worry…I’ll be posting the recipe here soon as well.)

So, let’s get on with what you came for…the WINNER!  It is…………..

Drum Roll Please……

Comment #2 – 

Dannelle Gay (14:34:55) : edit

Krumkake — I had to learn how to do it when I married a Norski Man, LOL!

*******Congrats, Danelle!!!********
Of course, you do realize now that you have to tell ME how to make Krumkake!  🙂   Please email me with your mailing address, and I’ll get your cookbook out to ya!

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