Retro Kitchen at Maker’s Mark Distillery…

Last week while on our pre-anniversary vacation, the hubs and I took our annual trip over to Maker’s Mark Distillery to dip our bottle of bourbon in the signature wax.  After 11 years of marraige, we now have 12 dipped bottles…one for each year of marraige and one for the honeymoon.   Anyway, they recently built a new gift shop and converted the old gift shop into a replica of the Samuel’s home.  I was most interested in the ‘retro’ kitchen.  I kept looking at things over and over, getting a close up view, touching things and taking pictures…I think hubs thought I was going to move in to it.  I think I could have.   I thought you might like to see some of the neat things too…so…here ya go!

I wanted to take this fridge home with me…don’t you just love it?  I tried to come up with a plan to sneak it into the car without anyone noticing, but I couldn’t do it. 013

And the cool old range… 037

 And the neat spice jars sitting on the back of the stove… 022

Loved the red Fiesta ware…it would look fabulous in my kitchen! 012

This is what I call beautiful organization! 008

And of course I loved this little vignette with the cutting board and rolling pin! 016

And I fell in love with this old stand mixer… 025

And I think my absolute most favoritest part of the whole kitchen was this: 005

No, I take that back.  THIS was my favorite part. 033

An old cookbook with notes from Mrs. Samuels.  When their family was developing the perfect bourbon recipe, Mrs. Samuels would bake bread using different grains to figure out which grains imparted the flavors they were looking for.  I sat and looked through every page and read every word in this cookbook.  Like I said…Craig thought I’d decided to move in. 031 032

Yes, friends…looking through that old cookbook with handwritten recipes was my absolute favorite part of the day.  I love reading through cookbooks, especially old ones. 

I hope you liked this little tour of the Maker’s Mark  “Retro Kitchen”.  I might share a few more pics in the days to come…I took WAY too many in there!


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