Southwest Summer Chicken

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Okay, the name is a little deceiving.  You really can make this year round.  But…hey…it sounded good, so I’m sticking with it.

It’s a really easy and scrum-delicious recipe, and it’s versatile too.  You could do this with pretty much any meat.  Pork.  Beef.  Veal.  Venison.  Probably even fish. 

Here’s how simple it really is.  You make a rub.  Rub it on the meat.  You make a bbq sauce mixture, you spread it on the meat.  You let it marinate for a couple of hours in the fridge.  You grill the meat.  Yes.  It is THAT simple!  So, let’s get to cookin’ this chicken!


First up, you grab a bowl and add 1 tbsp dried onion flakes.

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Then toss is 2 tsp. ground cumin.

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Add 1 tsp cornstarch.

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And 1 tsp garlic powder.

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Put in a 1/2 tsp dried oregano.

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Almost done.  Add in 1/2 tsp paprika.

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And stir it all together.

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Done!  You just made a rub mixture!  Give yourself a pat on the back!  Now, we’re going to take our rub mixture and, well…rub it onto the chicken.  Actually, you need to massage it into the chicken, being sure to rub in circular motions and to apply just the right amount of pressure – you want to massage firmly, but not too deeply.  You know, to relieve the chicken’s stress.  Okay, seriously.  It makes not a hill of beans difference HOW you rub the rub into the meat.  But if you enjoy massaging the chicken, go for it.  Maybe it will relieve some of your  stress!  Just make sure you get it coated nice and evenly.  Like this.  And rub the rub into both side of the meat. 

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Now, in the same bowl (or a new bowl if you really want to have to wash another dish) combine 1/4 cup of your favorite barbecue sauce – I like a brown sugar/honey-bbq sauce, store brand is fine with me – and 2 tbsp lemon juice.

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Stir those together and spread over the chicken.  Again, on both sides.  Like so…

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Just cover the plate with plastic wrap and let it hang it out in the fridge for about 2 hours. 

When you’re ready to cook, tell your husband to fire up the grill, hand him the plate of chicken and tell him to “get grillin”.  Well, that’s what I do.  Anyway, grill the chicken over medium-low heat until done.

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That’s it folks.  I told you.  Simple.   And delicious.  I promise.  Try it.  You’ll agree. 

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