Meal Plan Monday…er…Tuesday


Yes, I’m aware that I’m a day late and a dollar short.  I DID get my plan done over the weekend, but I just forgot to post it yesterday.  Oopsies!!  Anyway, it’s going to be a very busy week for us, so I my plan is pretty basic.  We have baseball games on Tuesday and Thursday, church on Wednesday, and it’s very likely one or both of the kids will have baseball practice over the weekend as well.  Plus tonight I’m fixing a meal for a family in our Bible Study group.    Please don’t chastise me for having hot dogs for dinner one night.  🙂


Monday – Artichoke Chicken with Rice and Cranberry Sauce. 

Tuesday – Lasagna with Garlic Bread (Fixing a double batch, taking one batch to our friends)

Wednesday – Tacos and Mexican Pizzas

Thursday – Hot Dogs with Baked Beans

Friday – Whiskey River Burgers and Crash Hot Potatoes

Saturday – BBQ Ribs with Mini Potato Gratins and Steamed Brocolli

Sunday – we’re probably going to the inlaws…if not…leftovers or something.


Don’t forget to check out all the other Meal Plans here.  Join me tomorrow for another great recipe and…maybe a little somethin’ special for one of my readers?!?!  Tell your friends to stop by too!


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