New blog direction…

As you might notice from the new header (and entire look) of my blog…I’ve decided to switch gears just a little bit.  I never really had a real specific ‘direction’ for my blog…a little food, a little decorating…a little photography…a little crafting, etc.  It’s no wonder I didn’t feel like blogging alot of the time…I had no real subject to blog about. 
So…after much thought, I’ve decided to devote this blog to food!  I have ALWAYS loved cooking and baking, and lately I’ve realized that I enjoy blogging much more when I’m blogging about food.  And I get a thrill out of working on a recipe knowing I’m going to share it on my blog! 


For those who don’t know me very well, I actually owned my own custom cake business, Heavenly Cakes, for about 4 years. 

 I loved creating fun cakes that were a feast for the eyes and that tasted…well…heavenly!  But, I’m not a ‘business person’ and the paperwork and such was a lot for me to handle.  Adding to that, I had two young children – 9 & 6 now, but my baby was about 2 when I started – and my business took up so much of my time that I was spending less and less time with my kids and my husband.  Yes, the money was good, but my family was more important.  So, I closed my business.  But my love for cooking and baking still lives on.  And I still want to be able to share it with people!  I think that’s why I enjoy blogging about food so much. 

I am a simple person.  I like simiple foods.  I don’t cook with foods that you can’t find in your normal grocery store.  As a matter of fact, I’m actually somewhat of a picky eater!  But I am trying to learn to eat new things, and try new recipes to expand my tastebuds’ horizons. 

So, with out further delay…Let’s Get Cookin’!

I’ll be starting next week off with a fun giveaway!  So, be sure to come back bright and early on Monday!


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