Meal Plan Monday….on Saturday!


I’ll be out of town on Sunday, and I have other things I want to blog about on Monday, so I decided to go ahead and post my meal plan today…Saturday.  Although I’ve been doing my weekly meal plans for months now, I haven’t been blogging them lately.  But I decided to start doing that again, and I’ll be linking up to Organizing Junkie’s Meal Plan Monday.  Be sure and hop over there to check out more meal plans and recipes!   And I’ll try to share recipes with pictures as often as I can!

On to this week’s Menu:

SUNDAY:  Eating at the in-laws

MONDAY:  BBQ Ribs (they are really easy and delicious!) with Roasted Potatoes and Rolls

TUESDAY:  Pasta with Browned Butter Sauce (and regular sauce for the hubs)

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken Picatta Pasta – a quick dish that’s ready in under 30 minutes!

THURSDAY:  Steak Bites (a la Pioneer Woman) with cheesey mashed potatoes and steamed brocolli

FRIDAY:  Monterey BBQ Chicken with sweet potato crunch and rolls

SATURDAY:  Eating at a birthday party –  my best friend is turning 40!

SUNDAY:  Zesty Grilled Pork with homemade “Rice-A-Roni” and green beans


I’ll be sharing recipes and pics throughout the next week or so!  Have a great week, and be sure to check out more meal plans on Organizing Junkie!


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