Home Tour: Outdoor Edition

Finally!  I’m getting the chance to blog the outside of our home!  We spend quite a bit of time outside…and now that we’ve made some improvements, we’ve been spending even more time out there!  I’m so excited to share our pergola with you guys!  I’m still on the lookout for some more/other patio furniture for the two patios, but I’m working with what I have right now.   

So,  first of all, here’s a look at what we had out here BEFORE:

This is a ‘breezeway that goes between our house/garage and the workshop:

assorted june 09 314

Actually, I had accessorized it a little bit since this pic was taken…I had some plants scattered around and a couple little side tables here as well, but I can’t seem to find the pics with those this added.  Oh well.

On to the patio areas that are off the back of the house…

(The left side of the patio)

assorted june 09 313

Pretty boring, huh?  The table/chairs were left by the previous owner.

(And the right side)

assorted june 09 311

Very bland, I know.

DH and I spent a weekend and built a pergola over the left side of the patio.  We love it!

assorted june 09 387

I ended up moving the chairs from the breezway and moved the swing over to this side as well.   I really want to find some different patio furniture for under the pergola so I can put the chairs back in the breezeway, but it will have to do for now.  I’ve had NO luck finding anything at yard sales or thrift store so far…and we just can’t go out and buy new right now.  I moved the patio table to the other side…

assorted 033

I hate the white plastic chairs, but again…have to make do with what we have right now.  I’m really happy with how the patio areas turned out. 

Here are some more detailed shotsassorted 036

Like I said, the table/chairs were left by the previous owner.  I like them but they really need to be revamped.  I not sure what to do though, b/c the glass in the table won’t come out, so that would make it hard to spraypaint.  And the chairs have a fabric-type seat, and I’m not sure if I could just spraypaint that or now.  Any ideas???  We got the umbrella at Aldi for about $30.

assorted june 09 378

The chairs under the pergola.  These are the chairs I brought from the breezeway, I just placed some canvas fabric over the cushions.

assorted june 09 385

And the swing I brought over from the other side.  Threw on a few pillows and put in a couple hosta plants. 

That’s pretty much it for our patio setup now.  And that finished off our home tour!

I have SEVERAL fantabulous recipes I’ve been creating and trying, so I’ll be sharing those in future posts, starting tomorrow.  Plus, I have a women’s meeting tomorrow and a reunion this weekend, so lots of cooking will be going on around here this week!   I’ll be sure to share all my dishes with you!


Have a great day!


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