Home Tour: Living Room Edition

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We’re almost finished with the tour of my little abode.  Today’s room is the living room, and although it’s not exactly ‘finished’ in my opinion, it’s well on it’s way.  As a reminder, here’s what it looked like before we moved in (this is the previous owner’s furniture):

August misc 046

 And after trying the furniture in several different locations, and moving some pieces in from or out to different rooms, here’s what it looks like today.  Wait, first let me say that I LOVE the red walls…but with a red couch (that is too new to replace) it’s just too much red.  So, we’re planning to paint all but one wall in a mocha-y color – maybe the window wall, or maybe the “gallery wall”. Okay, carry on…

Living and outdoor 005

This view (above)  is as you’re standing in the doorway to the kitchen.  I still need to get a rug to put under the coffee table, but I’m on a tight budget right now, so I’m hoping to find a decent one at a yard sale or thrift shop.  A girl can hope, anyway!  Speaking of coffee tables…that one was a STEAL!!  I got it at Goodwill for $15.00!!  Of course, it didn’t look like it does now.  I had to sand it down and give it 3 or four coats of paint to get it to look like this.  But I’m really happy with how it turned out!   The TV stand is actually a desk…we bought it as a temporary desk until we could get something better.  After my husband’s dad gave him a larger desk, I decided to repurpose this one as a tv stand.  IT works really well, actually, b/c the drawer holds all the Wii games and equipment, and the DVR sits nicely on the ledge below.  The rocking chair was my husband’s great-great aunt’s (or maybe great-great-great…I’m not sure), and we got it about 5 years ago or so.  I’ve recovered the chair a few times and it’s been in several different rooms, but I really like it in here now, with the toile seat.  That white table beside it…I need to paint it black b/c it’s in bad shape, but I’m out of black spray paint!  AKKK!!  EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY!!  I’m Out of black spray paint!!  No worries, I’ll be picking some up this weekend! 

And here’s the little “entryway” behind the couch…I’d like to get a narrow bench to sit beneath that wall quilt:

Living and outdoor 004

The wall quilt was made for me by my grandmother, and the candle sconces I got from goodwill for like $1 each…they were an ugly gold color, so I just spray painted them black.  The marble top table we bought at an antique store not long after we were married.


Now, for the pricing of my space…for some of these things I’m approximating b/c I’m going from memory!

  • Couch-$500  – we got a great deal when the furn. store was going out of business.
  • Pillows – the black ones were $4 each at HL on clearance, all others are pillows I made, so they probably cost me about $10 total.
  • Rocking Chair – free
  • White Side Table – @$20 from LTD Commodities several years ago. 
  • Lamps – @$30 for the pair of matching lamps.  The small one on the marble top table was free from a friend.
  • Vinyl Wall Word – @$12 – got it during a sale from Uppercase Living
  • Picture Frames – free – all frames I had already, just painted them black.
  • Coffee Table – $15 from Goodwill plus paint we already had.
  • Finials – $8 for both from HL again.
  • W on coffee table – $2 from HL.
  • Black ‘bookshelf’ – it’s actually a CD shelf – $20 from walmart
  • Throw – $4 from goodwill
  • Marble Top Table – @$30
  • Embroidered Quilt – Free, made by my Granny
  • Sconces – $2 from goodwill
  • Curtain rod – $5
  • Other accesories – picked up at thrift stores/given to me – @$20 at most, I’d say.

That’s a grand total of  $686 – so a whole room for UNDER $700!!!  I think that’s pretty darned good!

And, that pretty much sums up our home, on the inside.  Please feel free to ask any questions.  Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the outside of our home!

4 thoughts on “Home Tour: Living Room Edition

  1. I love your “family” grouping on the wall, and I am drooling over your cute little coffee table, too!!

    I agree it is a lot of red, but it will look great when you are done painting it. Those floors are gorgeous, and you have it arranged in such a cozy way.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  2. WOW! What a stunning room. I say KEEP THE RED walls. You like them, they go with your couch and they really make a statement. (Everyone has tan walls.) Love your accessories – quilt breaks up some of the wall color; marble top table is sweet, will never go out of style and again, the white top provides a break from the red; your TV looks great on the desk; the floors are beautiful. Just a really great original room.

  3. Just came across your blog while researching the Steul furniture company. Cute room! I agree, too much red with the couch, but I liked the way you used the furniture from Goodwill. There is so much potential in places like that. Lots of people turn up their noses before they give second hand stores a chance. So much more for you purchasing dollars. I look at these stores as indoor garage sales with hidden treasures.

  4. Omgosh – what a beautiful living room! You’ve done a fabulous job decorating. And I love your photo wall and Family decal. Thank you for sharing!


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