Home Tour: Laundry Room Edition

***Sorry to be late getting this up, but I had to be at work at 6:30 am and didn’t feel like getting up even earlier than I HAD to.  I love ya, but…um…no.**

Today we’re going to take a tour of my laundry room.  Or, I guess you’d call it more of a laundry closet…it’s a little room/closet in my hallway right off the living room.  It’s gone through a few stages before finally getting to where it is now.  Here it is right before moving in a year ago (that’s the previous owner’s washer/dryer…and no, he didn’t leave them..very sad):

August misc 050

Okay, I’ve never been a big fan of the wire shelving, but you gotta work with what you got. And what I had was wire shelving and basically NO budget to put new shelving or cabinets or whatever in.  So, I had Mr. Organized Chaos cut the two shelves in half so there was an empty space on the right side which is over the washer now.  I had some small wooden shelves that we brought from our other house so I wanted to use those to take up less space.  So, here is what it looked like after the shelves.  And…don’t get distracted by all the dirty clothes…it was laundry day.  I mean, come on, this IS the laundry room after all!  Don’t judge me!

 assorted june 09 354

I am really embarrassed that you all saw that now.  But, it really only looks that bad on laundry day.  Really!  So anyway, one day I finally decided to do something about this room.  Mr. OC thought I was crazy because, after all, it’s only a laundry room…and it’s in a closet in the hallway – who’s really gonna see it, right?  Well, I’m gonna see it Mister!  Every day  I do loads and loads of laundry that seem to grow and grow no matter how much you try to keep it at bay!  But I digress…back to the laundry room…ahem, excuse me. 

SO…I still don’t have a lot of moolah to spend on decorating, so I knew I had to do this on the cheap.  I got out my spray paint, my basket of fabric and started from there.   I had some ‘candy jars’ that I wasn’t using for anything else so I spraypainted the silver lids with black and one of them now holds clothespins and I’m still trying to figure out what to put in the other one.  Any suggestions?  I also painted the lid to another glass jar black and I use it for my Oxy-clean (which I swear by!).  A nd tossed in a few other things found around the house – a finial thingy, a book thingy and a silver dish.  On the top shelf I have a basket that I spray painted black that holds my dryer sheets.  My detergent is on the top shelf too…it’s not pretty, but hey…I have to have it, so, what can ya do?  We use liquid detergent so I’m not sure there’s much more to do with it.  The fabric softer, Oxy-clean spray and stain stick are all behind the detergent.  The wire basket is one I bought on super-clearance at hobby lobby and filled it with some wicker balls I had already.  You see that tray in the left side of the photo?  That was an old, worn out silver tray…I spray painted it black, punched a couple holes, tied on a ribbon and it’s now a magnet board.  I just haven’t made the magnets yet.  One thing at  time!!  Oh, and I lined the shelves with a toile paper I bought at a yardsale…like 8 long sheets for $1.  Or maybe less, can’t remember!

assorted june 09 355

The other shelves…again, covered with the toile paper.  We keep our cleaning supplies in a milk crate so it’s easy to carry them from room to room while we clean.  So, I just covered the crate with some gingham fabric (for the pics, I just wrapped the fabric around it, but I’m working on actually sewing a cover that will fit on kinda like a slipcover).  The black basket on the top shelf holds all those gypsy socks…you know…the ones that run off from their mates for a life of fun.  The other things are things I had around the house already – another finial thing (major super clearance find at Hobby Lobby again), a big W covered with toile paper, and a black vase that I filled with lilies from my flower garden.

assorted june 09 359

 Here’s a full on shot of the room now…

assorted june 09 357


I am SO Much happier when I do laundry now! 

So…back to the empty jar…what do YOU think I should put in it?

One thought on “Home Tour: Laundry Room Edition

  1. hi! love your laundry area make over.
    how about thread spools for your empty jar? Wooden ones would be cute. Empty or with thread on them to add color and interest.

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