Home Tour: Kitchen Edition

Sorry I didn’t get this posted last night…but after my in-laws left, I had to take my daughter to gymnastics, and when I got home hubby and I worked on an outside project (stay tuned for the reveal of that – I’m really excited about it!).  Anyhoodles…on to the kitchen!

We haven’t really done a lot in here, really…it’s a work in progress.   I want to paint the cabinets black and I’ve finally convinced hubby that it will look SO much better (Thanks to photos from many blogs I’ve visited of cabinet makeovers!) than the boring oak cabinets.  I’ve never been a big fan of oak for some reason.  And I STILL haven’t taken down that glorious wall paper border.  It doesn’t go with my color scheme AT ALL, but I’ve just been too lazy to do it.  But soon… I will.  It’s driving me crazy.

So, here’s the kitchen now:

assorted june 09 262

To create an ‘island’ I took the backing off of our old TV stand and placed it in the center of the kitchen.  It works great b/c it also serves as a ‘china cabinet’ of sorts.  (Although in this pic I don’t have the china/serving dishes in yet.)  And I plan to paint black too.  One of these days.  And don’t mind that empty basket on the island…it’s usally filled with fresh fruit, but it was grocery day so we were out of fruit!

Here’s the other side of the kitchen:

assorted june 09 261

Won’t the cabinets look SO much better black and distressed a little?!?!

And the dining area…I am still searching for the right peice of something for this wall…

assorted june 09 260

And look past the crate of cookbooks!  Oopsie…forgot to move those before snapping the pic!  They now reside in the garage. 

Here’s a shot of the tv stand turned island…all filled with my china and serving dishes:

assorted june 09 278

Like I said…it really needs to be painted!  But it has allowed me to bring in all these peices from the shed.  I  had nowhere to put them and they were just sitting in boxes out there.  This is SO much better!

Well, that’s it for my kitchen…nothing fancy, but it works for us. 

Join me tomorrow for another edition of my Home Tour!  IT’s a ‘squeaky clean’ makeover!


**I’m linking this post up with A Soft Place To Land …she is having a DIY party…hop on over there and check out all the fabulous projects being shared!


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