Home Tour : Bathroom Edition

So, I decided on the bathroom for my next installment (and I apologize for not posting over the weekend…but hey – I got a husband and two small kids and it was 4th of July weekend, give me a break!  Haha!). 

As a refresher…here’s what our guest bath looked like shortly after we moved in…

Blog stuff 042


Blog stuff 043

Pretty boring, huh?  I basically threw up a shower curtain I had from our previous house, tossed in a soap dispenser and a laundry basket and…well, that’s it.  It was serving it’s purpose, yes.  Pretty?  No.

But here’s what it looks like now.  Our living room is red with some black furniture and this bath is just off the living room, so I wanted them to compliment each other.  I’m going for a “Traditional/French Country” style in the living areas, so I used some toile scattered throughout the bathroom and living room (which you’ll see soon…still got a few things to add before it’s considered ‘finished’ to me).

Here’s the view as you enter the bathroom

assorted june 09 253

I picked up the shower curtain on CLEARANCE at Big Lots one day for like $8 or something.  Gotta love a good clearance sale!  The “valance” over the shower curtain is what Nester would call a Mistreatment…it is just a piece of quilted fabric folded over and hung over the bar.  No sewing, no extra rod.  Nothing.  And it’s fabric I already had, so that makes it even better! 

I had this little bench just hanging around the house…it’s lived in several places, but I think I like this the best.  I added a few towels and some bath items into a black wire basket I already had and voila!  Instant spa.  Well, sort of.  It’s as close as I’ll get with two kiddos using this bathroom on a daily basis!

assorted june 09 258

This is the cabinet above the pot-tay.  I spraypainted some old gold candlestick holders and the other items are some I just had around the house.  The sculpture was given to my daughter when she was born.  For the little shelf underneath, I just cut a piece of foamcore to the size of the opening and covered it in a pretty fabric.  Then I just stuck it in…no adhesive or anything.

assorted june 09 255

The countertop area…I got the towel hook from Hobby Lobby on MAJOR clearance.  It was less than $2.  Of course , it didn’t look like this – it had a zebra print on it!  I painted it black and added a square of red toile scrapbook paper. The lamp used to be a wierd green color..painted that black and covered the shade with the same black quilted fabric that is the ‘valance’.  The W is another HL clearance item, I think it was $1.  It was pink and kinda country-fied, so I painted it white and covered it with the same toile paper.  Beautiful!

assorted june 09 254

That’s pretty much it!  I want to paint the cabinets white and distress them a bit, but I haven’t had the time to do that yet.  Maybe soon though!

Stay tuned for the next installment…it will be yummy!


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