Home Tour: Bedroom Edition, Cont’d

Okay…I promised I’d share my children’s hideous bedrooms today.  I really dont’ want to b/c they have no style whatsoever.  Ugh.  I really need help in their rooms.  I don’t know why it’s so hard for me, I can decorate any other room in the house, but not kid’s bedrooms.  I’m challenged that way, I guess.  SO…here they are…the lifeless, styleless, boring rooms…

My daughter’s room:

assorted june 09 267

I have absolutely NO idea what to do with her bunk bed.  I want her to have a fun, fresh, girly ‘shabby chic’ style room, but how do you do that with a metal bunk bed like this? Please, someone help me!

assorted june 09 268

And my boy’s room…

assorted june 09 270

His bed and dresser are antiques.  They belonged to my grandmother, and she remembers having both when she was a young child.  The bed is a really dark wood, and the dresser is actually a dark brown metal.  I love that they are antiques, but I just don’t know what else to do in this room. 
He also has a desk in here that my pastor gave me when he redecorated his office, it sits on the other side of the room:

assorted june 09 272


So, as you can see…I really need help here.  I’d love to see any rooms of yours, or rooms that you like for inspiration!  I have to work on a budget, but I love thrifting and yard saling to find things to repurpose!

Tomorrow’s installment of the Home Tour will be either the living room or the guest bath…not sure!


4 thoughts on “Home Tour: Bedroom Edition, Cont’d

  1. I love kids rooms! Cover the bunk bed w/as much fabric as possible. 😉 make it simple and use velcro if need-be/

  2. hey! Loving the blog!
    I’ve been thinking about her room all afternoon after seeing this. I would really love to get together and show you some stuff. I have books on shabby chic and ideas! I love having a girl, don’t you? I’m sorry, I honestly don’t get the boy stuff….my fault entirely, I’m sure…but I don’t all the same. 😉

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