Home Tour

Yes, I’m aware that I’ve been away for a LONG time again.  I stink at blogging!  I really want to do better, but then I get distracted by so many things that I just don’t get it done.  BUT, I am determined to get back on the blogging wagon, starting today! 


I recently had that “nesting” feeling and wanted to really “cozy up” my house.  I had done some of that already, but I just wasn’t totally feelin’ it yet.  A trip to Hobby Lobby’s home decor clearance isle and a few days later…I’m much happier!  There are still some things I need to do, but I feel much better now.  So, I decided I’d kick off my “return to blogworld” with a home tour!  I’ll start with the official tour tomorrow, but for now…how about a few “Before” shots? 

Okay, this is a very boring shot of our bedroom shortly after moving into this house a year ago.  This was the 2nd or 3rd place I’d tried the bed…still didn’t like it.  Note the lack of anything on the walls…hadn’t found anything I really liked.


Alena SCS BR 002

This shot shows the ‘hotel style’ bathroom setup.  The vanity is kinda out in the room and the bathroom (potty and shower) are off to the right and the closet is to the left.

Alena SCS BR 006


Moving along to the guest bath…this is right after we moved in.  Pretty much all I did was throw up a shower curtain and toss in a soap dispenser and some kleenex.  Beautiful, huh? 

Blog stuff 042The other side of the bathroom; a clothes basket (hideous, I know) and a mirror which was already here.

Blog stuff 043

I cant’ seem to find my befores of any of the other rooms, so the rest of these photos were taken before we moved in…while looking at the house, so the furniture isn’t ours. 

The living room.  LOVE the red walls.  Love ’em.  Only problem…our couch is red.  Waaaaaay too much red in one small room!  I don’t really want to get rid of the red walls, so I’m thinking of getting a slipcover for our couch…haven’t decided.  What do you think?  Slipcover or paint?

August misc 046

The kitchen…I detest wallpaper border.  Have I taken it down yet?  You’ll have to wait and see!





August misc 054

Dining Area:

August misc 052

Sunroom that is just off the kitchen…this is the left side…the right side is the same pretty much.  We loved it as an actual sunroom, but…we needed the space for something else.  You’ll have to wait to see what we did out here.August misc 064

And the back patio.  The previous owner left the patio set and canopy.  We enjoyed the canopy for the first month or two.  Then a TERRIBLE storm came and blew it down and ripped it to pieces.  Yup.  No more canpoy.  We have plans for building something more permanent, like a pergola on each side of the sunroom (can’t wait to decorate an outdoor space with a pergola!!), but it hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe before summer’s over, we’ll see.

August misc 067

August misc 068

Well, I think that’s about it.  I didn’t show the kids’ rooms, b/c well…they still aren’t decorated.  A year after moving in.  I just dont’ know WHAT to do in there!  I’d love to see some of your favorite kids’ rooms for inspiration. 

So…join me tomorrow for the first edition of my Home Tour!  Which room will be first?  Come by and see!


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