Home Tour: Bedroom Edition

So today I thought I’d start my tour with our master bedroom.  Why?  I could say because it’s the place I go to for escaping the world, or because it’s where all the magic happens, or a dozen other interesting things.  But the truth is…it’s the one room in the house that I consider “finished” as far as decorating goes.  😀 

Here’s the view as you enter the bedroom.  I LOVE the bed on this wall…finally!  I had never put it here b/c there is really only one window on this wall…on the right side of the bed.  I thought it would look really wierd if I put the bed there.  We have big white plantation shutters on all the windows in the house and I didn’t really want to cover those beauties up with curtains.  But I finally realized that one thing the room was lacking was softness…it NEEDED curtains.  So, I decided to fake it.  I hung a curtain over the window on the right, then hung a curtain on the left to make it look like there was a window over there.  I love it.  And where did I get those curtains that match my bedding so wonderfully?  Tuesday Morning.  Love that place, people.  These curtains were an expensive name brand and I got them for $20 a pair!  Love it.

assorted june 09 305

A fried had the idea to put the dresser at the end of the bed and I really like it there.  I made the Monogram frames over the headboard from cheap yardsale frames.  Just spray panted them and then traced on the letter and painted it in.  Super simple people. 

assorted june 09 307

Above is a straight on shot of the bed and monogram frames.  And you’d never know there was only one window in this room!

And here is a shot of the right side of the bed.  I got that bench at goodwill for six bucks and recovered it with a valance that came with the bedding that I knew I would never use. 

assorted june 09 310

This is my husband’s dresser/chest of drawers that sits on the wall opposite the end of the bed.  The rocking chair was his great-great aunt’s (I think that’s right…anyway, they determined that it’s over a 100 years old).  I have recovered the seat a couple times.  It needs a new cover again, but I haven’t found a fabric that I like that really goes well with the bedding and such.  I wish I could use another one of those valances to cover it with, but the valance isn’t wide enough to cover the seat.  😦  And I don’t really want to sew two pieces together cuz then you’d see a seam.  And now, I have a pretty teal damask pillow in that chair that I got at goodwill for like $3 or something.    You see those canvases hanging above the COD??  I got those at a yard sale for $1 for all three.  They were painted with a rainbow of bright colors.  Not very pretty at all.  But, I just painted them white and then went over that with a light teal color, distressed the edges with some brown ink (which I know you can’t really see here, but trust me!)  and then I stamped some damask/scroll  patterns around the edges.  If you want to see this up close, let me know and I can take more pics.

assorted june 09 302

And lastly, here’s the bathroom vanity…um…I just realized that I was out of cotton balls when I took this pic…oopsie!

assorted june 09 306

Okay…that’s it for the master bedroom!  If you want to see anything in more detail, or have questions about I did anything, just let me know.  I’ll be happy to take better pics or explain stuff.

TOMORROW…we’ll continue the ‘Bedroom Edition’ and I’m gonna humble myself and show you my kids’ totally not decorated rooms.  You can give me advice on what to do!  Yeah!  That sounds like a great plan!  See you then!


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