Organizing Ideas – Join the Party!!

The Thrift Decor Chick is hosting an Organizing Party, and you KNOW that I had to join in!  I am an organizer at heart.  The other day I was working on my Menu Planning Binder (coming soon!) and my hubby said “Too bad you can’t do this kind of thing for a living…you’re such a good organizer.”  Of course, then he told me I must have a disease b/c no one should love organizing this much!  🙂

So, anyway, I’m going to share several ways that I keep things organized around our house.  I hope these ideas will help you some.  And feel free to ask me any questions about organizing, I’m happy to help!


Our first area of organization is our Master Bedroom Closet.

This is the left side of our walk-in closet.  All our short clothing is hung on the top shelf, leaving plenty of room below for a shelf to house my shoes (most of them anyway), and laundry baskets in the floor – since taking the photo, I’ve purchased 3 matching baskets that fit in the space perfectly, so that we can sort our clothes as we go – one for lights, one for darks and one for towels.

The left side of the clothing is mine – pants together, then shirts, all arranged by color.  Then my husband’s clothing, is the same way, pants first, then shirts, however his shirts are harder to arrange by color b/c he wears a lot of patterened shirts (stripes and plaid mostly), so I just do my best there.

On top of the clothing shelf is extra blankets and sheets, as well as travel bags.



The other side of the closet is where our long hanging clothes go, toward the back, and that leaves us room for a small bench to sit at while putting on shoes.  The tall dresser (which was my husband’s when he was a child, and I’m planning to paint once the weather is warm enough!) holds our belts, his t-shirts, and my purses.

The containers on top of the shelf hold a variety of things – off season shoes, extra toiletry items for our bathroom, my husband’s hair clippers, etc.

As you can see, there is a shoe “tree” thing that hangs on the back wall.  It holds my DH’s shoes and a few of mine.



I’m in the process of making something to hold all my jewelry…but haven’t finished it yet, so check back!


Now, on to the Living Room…

Here’s our TV Stand – I made a curtain to hang on the shelf to hide the storage underneath. 



And this basket holds our Wii stuff:



And under the curtain is where we keep all our games:



Now, we move on to the kitchen…one of my favorite rooms!  I love to cook, but being the organizing freak that I am,  I have to have my kitchen in order, and can’t stand it when it’s not!  So, here’s how one of my cabinets looks.

Keeping things in see through containers is a big key to being organized.  When you can SEE what you have, it’s easier to find and you’re more likely to use it!  I keep my dried fruit in jars is easy reach.   Behind the jars is a basket of baking items – choc. chips, coconut, etc.  Since it’s not something I used everyday, it’s not a big deal to have to move the jars to get to it.  On the top is a basket with jello and pudding mixes.  It’s easy to pull the basket out to see what I have.  And our nuts are in plastic lidded containers.


And the other ‘food cabinet’ – this is where we keep our cereal, pastas, chips, etc.  On the lower right shelf is where we keep our homemade bread, along with a small cutting board and bread knife – everything you need to have a fresh peice of bread!  I keep the small snack size bags of chips in a plastic container to keep them corralled. 



We continue our tour with a trip to the garage!

This is a cabinet where we store all our “overflow” groceries.  We don’t have a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen, so we keep all our canned goods and extras in this cabinet.



And, our recycling bins are also in the garage – as you can tell…we had a LOT of cardboard lately!  We don’t have recycling pickup, we have to take it to the center ourselves, so we usually just go every other week.



And the last room of our tour for today is the laundry room…

When we moved in there were two of the wire shelves that ran the entire length of the back wall.  They are really deep, so I had to have my washer pulled out really far toward the doors so I could get the lid open.  So, I had DH cut the shelves in half and install the wooden ones in the right corner that are much more shallow.  I was able to push my washer back at least 6 inches, which is a big deal in a small “closet laundry room”!

The drawer unit thing between the washer and dryer is where we store stray socks.  There are four of us, so there is a drawer for each family member.  It makes it easy to match them up once you get a few gathered up.



Okay…I think I’ll end our tour here today.   In my next post, I’ll share my Menu Planning Binder, and some tips on Menu Planning.  So, check back soon!  And don’t forget to hop over to Thrifty Decor Chick’s party and check out all the other great organizing ideas!


11 thoughts on “Organizing Ideas – Join the Party!!

  1. Wow everything looks great. I love how you seperate all of the recyclables. We only do wet and dry here and wonder how much actually gets processed. I love the snack basket in the cupboard and the cute curtain over the tv stand. Great job.

  2. Wow, everything looks great! I really like those baskets in your closet.on the upper shelf. Im now motivated to work on my closet too. But I need to finish my pantry first. LOL Thank you for the inspiration photos 🙂

  3. ah! i’ve been looking for a drawer unit much like the one you have between your washer & dryer – do you remember where you got it?

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