Menu Plan Monday…er…Thursday!

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s Thursday.  But I’m just now getting around to posting my menu plan for this week!  Sorry! 
We are trying to eat healthier and lose a little weight – I need to lose about 20 pounds – so this week’s menu took a while longer to plan, because I had to calculate calories on the recipes that didn’t include the calorie count.  But, I finally got it done.  Here’s this week’s menu, the calorie count is on the recipe’s page, so just click on the links for the recipes and the calorie counts if you’re interested:

Monday – We ate out with friends for lunch, and it was a large lunch, so we skipped dinner altogether!

Tuesday – Chicken Fajitas with Fat Free Refried Beans (these were a new recipe and they were SO GOOD!)

Wednesday – Spinach Veggie Pizzas (another new recipe and they were pretty tasty too!), and I had some friends over for New Year’s Eve, so I made some low calorie Spinach Dip and low calorie Marshmallow-Fruit Bars – I’ll share the recipes next week.

Thursday – Broiled Herb Steak with steamed Brocolli and a rolls

Friday – Baked Chicken & Pasta

Saturday – Zesty Italian Chicken with Green Beans and Cauliflower

Sunday – Fajita Salad


One thought on “Menu Plan Monday…er…Thursday!

  1. Hey, I look forward to using some of your recipes! Umm…and I won a checkbook cover a while back, but never heard from you…I am not very blog savvy so I am not sure what proper ettiquette is…was I supposed to get a hold of you thru comments? Or how does that work?

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