Meet the hubs…

Amy over at Living Lucurto is having a Meet My Husband Party, and I thought I’d join in.  So, here are some random things about the hubster…


*He was born & raised in KY

*He is a pharmacist (currently working at a hospital…NO retail pharmacy for this man!)

*He loves to do odd jobs around the house, and he’s good at it!

*He is a Christian man, which makes for a great hubby and dad!

*He’s very supportive of me in all my business ventures

*He pretty much lets me do whatever I want to the house…as long as HE doesn’t have to do a lot of the little tedious work!

*He lets me put my cold feet on him when we get in bed so I can warm them up.  🙂

*He likes to listen to talk radio, which bores me to tears.

*He reads the newspaper everyday.  I hardly ever look at it.

*He is a great steward of his money.  I am not – if ya got it, spend it I say!  😉

*He doesnt’ like to have his photo taken…and I love taking photos.  How did we get hooked up again?

Which brings me to how we met…

I was working at a country music place called Renfro Valley  (It’s a little place that has live country music shows nightly, and they have little shops on the property, etc) – I worked in the music store and occasionally a few of the other shops.  He was an entertainer, a singer on one of the shows.  Well, as I was walking accross the property one day, we exchanged glances, did that little polite “hello smile” and went on our merry ways.  Well, come to find out, I stole his heart that day.  😉  (Okay, I thought he was cute too!)  Fast forward a week or so, and he came into the music store where I was working after the last show of the night.  He walked up to the counter and motioned me over.  He was gripping the counter with both hands SO HARD that his knuckles were turning white!  Haha!  Seriously, I’m not making this up.  And he said, hold on to your hats people… “So, do you have a man or what?”  (Bwahahaha!!  And yes, this is HONESTLY exactly what he said!)  I said no, and he asked if he could have my phone number to call me sometime.  So, I scrambled around to find some paper and a pen (and of course, he says I was falling over myself I was so giddy…I um…ahem…personally don’t remember that part) 🙂  The next night he called, we talked for over an hour and set a date for a couple days later.  He lived about 1.5 hours away at the time, so on ‘date night’ he drove 1.5 hours to pick me up, we went to eat, came back to my house and sat on the porch swing and talked for hours.  Really.  Hours.  I don’t remember just how many, but it was really cool to be comfortable enough with someone you just met to be able to just sit.  And talk.  For hours.  I knew right away he was not ‘just a guy’ to me.  Then, late into the night, he drove 1.5 hours back home to get up early and go to work the next day.  (I think he was smitten, what about you?)

Okay, so the weekend we met it was the weekend after July 4th, 1998.  Yes, I’m terrible and I don’t even know the exact date.  Anyway, we got married on November 21st, 1998.  For all you non-math whizzes out there, that is a ‘courtship’ of under 4 months.  Yep, you read that right, we knew each other less than four months when we got married.  We both knew right away that we had found the person God wanted us to be with.  And we are still happily married…on the 21st of this month it will be the big 1-0 for us!  10 years!  Wow.  And I love him as much, if not more, than I did the day I married him.
So, what about you?  Tell us about your hubby!  And link up to Living Locurto’s Party



4 thoughts on “Meet the hubs…

  1. I happened to find your blog looking for Cookie Exchange recipes.
    Your blog is fantastic.
    I met my husband on Jan. 1st, 1994 and were married only 45 days later on Valentines day. This coming Valentines Day marks 15 years together.
    I will be adding you to my blog roll.

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