Blog WINNER!!!! And new items for etsy…

First, let me apologize for taking so long to get the winner posted (and for not posting at all for several days), but we got a virus in our computer and it pretty much crashed and we had to have it repaired.  So, that’s why I wasn’t around for a few days.  I am really sorry about that…I missed blogging so much!  🙂

Now, on to the BIG NEWS…I used to get the winner for the bloggy giveaway so that it would be totally fair.  And, the winner is…

Drum roll please…….




BEKKI BURTON!!!  Bekki – I will be emailing you later today!  Congratulations! 

Also, I am going to be sewing my heart out this week, and I’ll be adding several new things to Etsy throughout the week.  And I have a few things that I finished last week but couldn’t post because of the computer problem, so I’ll try to get those up today as well…the are:

Two new aprons

A baby pillowcase dress/bootie set

Baby Gift Set – burpcloth, bib and matching onesie


 I’m going to work on several purses and a few other things this week, so please check out my Etsy site – every couple days to see the new items!

I have some great items for Christmas gifts – and like I said, I’ll have more up this week!


I’ll get my menu up by tomorrow too!


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