I now have an ETSY shop!!

I would LOVE it if you would come visit me!  I’m Pretty In Pink Gifts and I only have a few items right now, but I’m sewing like a mad woman and I hope to have several more items up by the end of next week.  I’m having so much fun making these things…I sure hope someone buys some!  😉 

I am trying to do as much “handmade” shopping this year as I can – you know…help out all those “little people” that need our support.  So, I thought I’d start sewing some gifts.  Well, I am now addicted, and that’s why I decided to open a shop on Etsy. 

Here’s one of the items I have up for sale right now, a cute “Pillowcase” Dress:

Want it?  Hop on over to Pretty In Pink Gifts and snatch it up!  This size (Toddler 2/3) is only $12.00!!!  And the child’s sizes (4 and up) are only $15.00.  (This is the only one I have listed right now, but I will do custom orders as well!)


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