{Handmade Holiday Gifts} Nester beat me to it!

I talked the other day about doing a “blog party” where we all post ideas of handmade Christmas gifts.  Well, I was on the Nester’s blog just now (well, I was there for about 45 minutes looking at all the great links!) and she beat me to it!  She’s hosting a handmade holiday party herself



So, be sure to hop over there and check out the links to all the great holiday gift ideas and start shopping!

I don’t have an etsy shop YET, but I’m working on getting one set up and hope to have it ready to open by next week.  But for now, here are some of the things I’ll have on there – if you’re interested in anything, just let me know in the comments section.

Monogram Frames and Name Frames – all custom made with colors/letters of your choice:



Blank Recipe Books – all you do is add your favorite recipes and give to your friends/family!  The front will be customized with colors and title of your choice.  (this one is packaged up and ready to go, but you get the idea!)

Here is an example of what the inside could look like once you add your recipes:

Other Items that I plant o sell, but  I don’t have photos of yet:

  • Monogram Note Cards
  • Assorted Greeting Card sets
  • Pillowcase Dresses
  • Totebags
  • Scarves

Photos will be up soon, as well as my etsy site link.  🙂


I do still want to do a handmade gift blog party though…but since Nester is doing more of a “places to shop” thing, I thought it would be cool to share ideas/how to’s of things we can all make ourselves.  So, if you make handmade items and want to share them with blogland, get your things going and be ready to join my party on November 1st!  I want to give y’all time to get your things ready, so that’s why I’m waiting till then, plus I don’t want to “intrude” on Nester’s party!  🙂  I’ll have a button created for you to add to your blogs soon!  I can’t wait!  This will be so much fun!


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