“Freestyle” Bathroom Makeover

As many of you know, we moved into this house about 2 months ago.  Well, I haven’t done a lot of decorating yet because I got rid of a LOT of stuff before we moved (mainly b/c it wouldn’t go with the decor plan I had for here).  That has caused a bit of a problem though, because I don’t have many things to work with when it comes to decorating this house.  And, until we sell our other house, we don’t have a lot of $$ to spend on decorating.  Despite all that, I have been in a major funk lately about this house.   I love the house, it just doesn’t feel “cozy” yet.  I really felt the need to get at least ONE room looking nice.  I was at Big Lots yesterday and found the perfect shower curtain, so I decided to start with the guest bath.  So, here is my “Freestyle” Bathroom Makeover.  Let me warn you though, this post is photo heavy!  Click on the photos to enlarge them.


This is the view as you enter the bathroom:

The right side of the room – the potty and the sink area:

And the left side – there is a 2nd door that goes into my daughter’s room, but we keep it locked since she’s only 5, and when it’s open it just takes up more space.



**All the design “tricks” will be at the end.

The new shower curtain, and a “Mistreatment” valance* over that.

The left side – a monogram frame* and some coordinating towels.

And a closer shot of the monogram frame:

And the right side of the room – the cabinet over the potty with candlesticks*, a silver platter and a sculpture on top, and some candles along with a dish of bath salts on the shelf below:

And the sink area with an urn* holding a folded book thing, a lamp*, a vase of flowers and a small monogram frame*:


Okay, so you want to know what those design “tricks” are?  How did I do this bathroom FREESTYLE?  Well…

I got the shower curtain yesterday for only $8.00!  So this whole room cost me a whopping 8 bucks.  Everything else were things I had around the house already, I just had to ‘rehab’ a few things!  So, on to that!

*Valace ‘mistreatment’ – this is simply some quilted black fabric I had in my sewing stash.  I just folded it in half, folded the ends under, draped it over the curtain rod, and viola!  A valance!

*Large Monogram Frame – I had all these things in my scrap room.  Found the frame in a box out in the workshop.  If you’d like details on how to make one of these, let me know.

*Candlesticks – Those candlesticks were gold, and I simply spray painted them black.  Easy peasy!  And free, b/c I already had the candlesticks and the spray paint!

*Urn – I had the urn, but it was a greenish color.  Out came the spray paint again, and now we have a beautiful black urn!  I just plopped in the folded book thing I made a week or so ago and it was perfect.

*Lamp – The lamp was sitting around in the workshop too.  I loved the shape and style of it, but the color wasn’t right for any room in our house now – it was an olive green and gold base with an ivory shade.  I painted the base black, and recovered the lampshade with more of that black quilted fabric.  I used some silver ink on the base to highlight the details on it.

*Small monogram frame – just a smaller version of the other one.  This one was just a piece of black cardstock, a glittery chipboard letter, and a silver paint pen.  I even painted the frame with the silver paint pen!


I think that’s it.  I really like it now.  It’s the best decorated room in the house!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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