DIY Project – Book Art

Yep, BOOK art.  All you need for this cute project:

Is a paperback book and some adhesive (double sided tape, glue, whatever you have).  I added some ribbon to that one up there, but here’s one without the ribbon:

This a great INEXPENSIVE art project b/c all you need is an old ratty paperback!  You  don’t have any old paperbacks, you say?  Well, take a trip to the local thrift shop or a nearby yardsale – you can find them for as little as a dime each!  THAT’S what I call thrifty decorating!

I first saw this project on the Shabby Nest Blog.  She used these to make little Jack-O-Lanterns for halloween.  That was really cute, but I’m not big on decorating for halloween (aside from the front porch which has some fall decor – pics will be up on the 20th of that!) so I decided to leave mine plain and just add some ribbon to one of them.

So, here’s how you make them.  This is so simple, you will wonder why you didn’t think of it, AND you’ll be going around making these out of every book you can find!

All you do is fold each page of the book inward toward the spine individually.  Like this…


And just keep going until you have all the pages folded in.  Then just tape or glue the two covers together (also folded in) to form the cyllander shape.  Here’s my entry way shelf with one of these sitting on it:


On a little bit of a different note…I’m considering starting a “Homemade Gifts Party” here on my blog, where others can share their great ideas for homemade gifts!  With Christmas coming up, my mind has been working overtime trying to come up with some fun ideas for gifts.  So…I’m thinking about putting ALL our great crafting minds together!  Imagine all the great ideas we could discover!  Who would be interested in this?  I’ll have some more details/date info, etc later in the week!

4 thoughts on “DIY Project – Book Art

  1. Love the ribbon tied around it! I figured after halloween I’d take the faces off the books and do just what you did…only now I’m going to have to tie them up with some pretty ribbon!

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