DIY Project: Simple Family Command Center

The first project I’ve tackled in this house was our command center.  Before, we had it in our office area, but this time I decided to put it in the kitchen, which is the room you enter when you come in from the garage.  I figured this was the best place.  So, here’s what I started with – A blank wall with some hooks I didn’t want (well, not in this area anyway…more on that to come later), and a small table:

As beautiful and decorative as this space already is (Bwa haha! 😀 ) I wanted to spruce it up and have an area where we can put all notes, info, papers, etc we need to keep up with.  So, first of all I created a ‘custom’ fabric bulletin board from a plain old bulletin board, some batting, fabric and ribbon.  This is where we’ll stick notes we need to leave for each other, or important phone numbers, photos, etc:

If you want details on how to make this bulletin board, check back next week for a step by step tutorial! 

Then, I moved on to something a bit more ‘crafty’…I needed a place to put the papers that the kids bring home from school that need to be signed, sealed and delivered back to school the next day.  So, this is what I came up with:

One clipboard for each kid…and I added their initial with the same fabric I used on the bulletin board and for a runner on the table so it would all coordinate.  To make the clipboards, you just need some scrapbook paper, ribbon, embellishments and modge podge.  Now, when the kids come home, they empty out their backpacks and put all their papers I need to look at in their clipboard.  Then when I have the time, I go through them, sign what need’s to be returned and recycle the rest. 
You can also see the bottom of a basket in this photo…that basket holds notepaper and pens.

Here’s a full view of our new command center.  I took down the hooks, and I’m going to have hubby hang them on another wall (behind the door), in a lower position so the kids can hang their backpacks there when they come in.  We used to put them on our ‘mudroom shelf’ in the garage, but that just wasn’t working b/c they didn’t want to have to out to the garage if they forgot something in their backpack, or to put their homework away when they were finished.  So anyway, here’s the command center:

Do you have a command center?  Share it with me!

7 thoughts on “DIY Project: Simple Family Command Center

  1. I love it! What a great idea, a place to put all those things I forget daily!!! I don’t have a place like this but I need one!

  2. Ohh, I just love your clipboards. You definitely have a wonderful talent for style and design. I am over from the Nester’s party and checking out your organizing links.. 🙂 Best, Abbie

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