Bathroom Organization in a small space

I’m participating in an organization challenge on a organizing forum and this month’s room is the bathroom.  Well as you know, we just moved into a smaller home – almost half the size of our last home.  Overall, it’s not been a huge adjustment for us, most the rooms are decent size (although significantly smaller than what we had before), with one exception – our bathroom.  We went from a large master bathroom with 8 good sized cabinets and plenty of floor space to this:

As you can see, we now have the ‘hotel style’ bathroom with the vanity in the center and the VERY SMALL bathroom on the right.  🙂  We now only have 4 tiny cabinets and 2 little drawers.  In the bathroom there is a cabinet above the potty as well. 

So, needless to say, it was a challenge getting all our things organized in this small space.  But, here’s how I did it.  containers, containers, containers.  And a few labels (I still have a few to make…our label maker died).  Here is a full shot of the cabinets:

It may look crowded and ‘crammed’ to you, but it really isn’t bad, and it is working so far.   In the far left cabinet is a drawer system that holds our eyeglass cleaner, tweezers, prescription meds and other little ‘odd items’ you need in a bathroom.  On top of the drawers, in the back, is my hubby’s travel bag.  In the front is a container that holds extra items – cotton balls, new packages of makeup (right now there is some mascara and eyeliner in there.

In the center cabinet, on the left is our first aid drawer which has an assortment of bandages, neosporin, super glue (for minor cuts – works great!), cloth tape, etc, and on top is a container with the larger first aid items – peroxide, alchohol,saline etc.  To the right of that is little square containers with medicine’s in them.  The one in the back is children’s med’s and the one in the front is adult med’s.  I need to reorganize the meds though…maybe in larger containers, b/c they are beginning to overflow!

In the cabinet on the right is my hair products/accesories basket (the pink one) that has my hair products in it and a ssmall bucket of hair clip, ponytails bands, etc. And my makeup box (white case).  Behind these things is a basket with my hubby’s hair clippers/hose (the hose connects to the vaccum so that there are no hairs left all over the floor!).

And here’s hubby’s drawer on the left, and my drawer on the right.  In his, he has his toothpaste, his daily med’s, deodorant, and his razor/blades.  In mine, I have my hairbrushes and hairdryer, my toothbrush, my daily meds, deodorant, eye makeup remover (so I don’t have to drag out the whole makeup box just for this one little thing!) and a small dish to hold my change, chapstick, etc.


And here’s my vanity counter looking all pretty… 🙂


Now, on to the little cabinet over the potty. 


I keep extra shampoo, lotions, etc in here.  And in the little brown lidded boxes…one holds cotton swabs and the other?  Well…

It’s my little concealed stash of FHP’s (feminine hygiene products!).  🙂  This way, if a guest needs to use our bathroom, they wont’ have to look at a bag of FHP’s while they’re in there.  They’re neatly disguised in this little container!

So, that’s our bathroom…small but efficient.  Wanna share your’s?  Leave me your blog addy in a comment and I’ll pop by and visit ya!


3 thoughts on “Bathroom Organization in a small space

  1. Lovely!! Containers really are key. I love you glass pieces for cotton swabs and cotton balls on the vanity. And the turquoise-brown color scheme is so in and fresh.

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