Sneak Peeks of our new home!

We have settled in to our new home nicely, and are really enjoying it!  Although I don’t have everything decorated or all the little projects done that I want to do to make this house “mine”, we have the basics put in place and it’s starting to look cozy and comfy already.  But since it’s not “finished” I’m not ready to share the full photos just yet…So, for our friends and family who read my blog (by the way…make yourself known, please!  Leave me a comment!) and want to know what our new house looks like, and for my “blog friends”, here are some SNEAK PEEKS.  But here’s a fun little twist…I want you to *guess* which room each picture is from!  🙂  Doesn’t that sound fun?  THERE IS A PRIZE INVOLVED!!!  I will create a personalized Monogram Frame for one lucky winner!  Each person who leaves me a comment with their guess will get their name in the drawing once.  If you guess RIGHT, you get your name in twice!  Are you ready for all this fun?  Most of them are pretty easy, but a couple might make you think!  🙂  Okay, here we go…







So, don’t forget to leave a comment with your guesses to be entered in the drawing!  I will do the drawing on MONDAY, September 15th!

Now I have ONE more sneak peek for you!  This one is of a DIY project I tackled today.  I can’t share the final product just yet though, b/c I still have a couple finishing touches to do (and get DH to get out the drill and hammer).  So, for now, here’s yet another peek…can you guess what project these two sneak peeks are a part of???? 


One thought on “Sneak Peeks of our new home!

  1. Hi Carla!

    I thought I’d “make myself known” as one of the people who check out your blog from time to time. Wow! It looks like you are settling in nicely! We’ve been here for six months and I still have boxes to unpack! Anyway, I like reading about your ideas. Thanks for sharing with us…

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