Tips for Organizing Your Move

With us right smack dab in the middle of moving, I thought I’d give y’all some tips on how to make it go smoothly…things that are working for us.

You need to start as soon as possible for this first step.  And you will need 3 Large Boxes for this.  Label one box KEEP, one box TRASH, and the other box DONATE.  You are going to go through each room of your home (don’t try to tackle it all in one day though!) and sort through all your things.  If the item belongs in the room you’re in and you want to keep it, just leave it where it is.  BUT, if the item doesn’t belong in that room, put it in the KEEP box (you’ll put it where it does belong later).  If you have items that are broken, don’t work, paper, etc toss ’em in the TRASH box.  And, if you have things you no longer use or wear (If you haven’t used/worn it in 6 months you probably never will), toss those into the DONATE box.  Okay, when you’re done with that room, immediately take the items in the TRASH box to the garbage can, and put the DONATE box in your car so that you won’t be tempted to let it sit around for days…if it’s in your car, it will be so easy for you to just swing by the donation center on your way to work!

Again, do this in EVERY ROOM.  This sounds like a lot of work, I know, but this prep work will make packing up your things and UNpacking your things much, much easier – trust me!!!

Now that you’ve purged the things you no longer need, it’s time to ORGANIZE!!!  This is my favorite part!  I know that not everyone likes to organize, but again, this will make packing and unpacking much easier.  Your main goal at this point is to group like items together within the room.  In the bathroom, but all your toiletries in one cabinet, put your towels in another cabinet, etc.  In the kitchen, put all your utensils in one drawer.  Etc, etc, etc.

Now, it’s time to PACK THOSE BOXES!!!  Okay, well, actually not yet.  🙂  First you need to make labels.  Buy yourself some shipping labels and sit your little self down at your computer.  Print out SEVERAL labels for each room.  Here’s a hint…decide how many you think you’ll need for a particular room and do DOUBLE that many!  I have gone through a lot more boxes than I thought I would.  🙂 

NOW it’s time to pack the boxes…gather up 3 different colored markers, your labels, your boxes, tape and some newspaper or other packing material.  Why do you need 3 different colored markers?  To label your boxes with the numbers 1, 2 or 3 – use one color for each number (this way they are not only numbered, but color coordinated, so you can tell quickly at a glace what they are). For items that you need to unpack immediately, you will label them with a 1 , boxes that you won’t need to unpack right away, but would like to get opened within a couple weeks or so, label with a 2, and boxes that can be put into a storage area (basement, garage, workshop) until you have some time to unpack them will be labeled with a 3

So,  try to keep ‘like’ items or items that are used together in boxes together so that when you unpack them, everything will go into the same general place.  Now, when you get the box packed up and taped up, stick your label on – I like to put it in the upper right hand corner on the side of the box so that when they’re stacked up I can easily see what’s there – and then put your number on the label.  If you want, you can even write a rough description of what’s in the box, for example:  The label says BEDROOM, you can write below that “Sheets, Quilts, etc”.

Now, when you are unloading your boxes at your new house, go ahead and bring the ones into the house, putting them into the correct rooms.  Put your twos in the garage (or basement) where you can access them easily when you get the time, and put the threes somewhere else out of the way.  If you don’t have another place to put the threes, just seperate the 2’s and 3’s in the garage – you just want to go ahead and seperate them so that you don’t have to dig through them later to find the 2’s.


That’s about it for packing and moving the boxes into your new home.  I’ll have a post next week about UNPACKING those boxes and how to make that go smoothly as well!


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