Some fun blogs I’ve found…

I know, I know…I should be packing, or going to get my kids, but instead I’m sitting here blog surfing.  I promise I’m getting up as soon as I finish this post.  I wanted to share a few fun blogs I’ve found lately…most have something to do with organizing, home decorating or menu planning.  I’m going to add linkies in the side bar to these when I have a bit more time, but for now…check out these gals!


Bella Casa – she just did a “remodel” job on her blog, and is having a cool giveaway in honor of that.  And be sure to check out her home photos…BELLA, BELLA!

The Nesting Place – This gal is the Queen of “Mistreatments”, which is window treatments (or any othe fabric treatments) that are not done the ‘right way’, yet look great!   Her home is just beautiful!

Stories of a Seamstress – as you can tell from the name, this lady is a genius at sewing!  She has some awesome pics on her blog too. 

We Are THAT Family – This girl is the bomb when it comes to DIY projects…I hope my laundry room in my new house looks half as good as hers.  Love it!

The Shabby Nest – Another decorating blog, and this girly is crafty too!  You definitely want to check this one out!

A Soft Place To Land – This gal coined the term “Furniture Rehab” (Well, I don’t know if she came up with the term or not, but it’s the only time I’ve ever heard it!) and I think that is an awesome way to describe the process of turning something old or ordinary into something awesome and extraordinary.  You have GOT to take a peek at some of her rehabs!

At Home Redesigns – Another great ‘decorating without going broke’ blogs!  Those are my favorite!


Okay, that’s enough for now…I really HAVE to go get my kids.  They’re gonna think I’ve forgotten them!  I’ll post more when I have some extra time…Bwahahaha!  Extra time!  What’s that?  😀

Have fun blogging…and if you have some favorite decorating, organizing, etc blogs (how about your own??)…PLEASE SHARE THEM!!!  Leave me a comment with the links!


7 thoughts on “Some fun blogs I’ve found…

  1. I love finding blots this way. I would rater take the time to read than look because you often find yourself lost and wasting that precious time. Thanks and I will be checking these out.

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