Menu Plan Monday – Sept. 1




It’s time again for Menu Plan Monday!  After checking out my menu, jump on over to The Organizing Junkie’s site and take a peek at all the great menu plans!  I really enjoyed having my plan last week…it just makes life so much easier not having to think about what you’re going to do for dinner each night.

This week’s menu was a bit tougher for me to plan for two reasons – 1) We are moving starting on Friday, so I needed to come up with meals that would be easy/no fuss for this week b/c we’ll be either packing or moving stuff basically every day this week.  2) We haven’t been to the grocery in almost 2 weeks (which is normal…DH goes every other week while he’s off), and we’re getting really low on some of the ‘staples’ of our meals.  DH would normally go tomorrow, but since we’re moving we don’t want to buy a bunch of groceries only to have to move that many more things to the new house.  So, I’m trying to make do with what we have on hand. 

That said, here is our menu plan for the week (recipes will come tonight…I dont’ have much time right now to type them up!)


Monday:  Chicken Picatta Pasta (or, as my DH calls it:  Garlic Lemon Chicken Pasta Stuff)  🙂

Tuesday:  CAMburgers (my 5 yo DD’s name is Camryn and she likes to make the hamburgers, so we renamed them CAMburgers for her!) on homemade buns, with baked beans (from the can!)

Wednesday:  Bourbon Chicken, Brown Rice, Brocolli (I didn’t make the bourbon chicken last week b/c the kids went to grandmom’s and DH and I decided to go out to eat without the kiddos!)  🙂

Thursday:  Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs

Friday: (Move day)  Crockpot Chicken & Rice Casserole

Saturday: (Move day)  Crockpot Pizza

Sunday: (Move Day)  Fridge Frenzy!!  A.K.A. Dig through the fridge till you find some leftovers that you want!  🙂



On another note…I got a lot of packing done yesterday, despite my addiction to blog surfing!  I have almost everything in our basement packed and ready to go.  I just have a box full of papers to go through and shred stuff with important info on it and recycle the rest.  I’ll get that done tonight and start packing the ‘china’ and stuff we don’t use on a daily basis in the kitchen/dining room.  I know posts are somewhat boring without pictures, but I was too tired last night to take pics of my progress, so I’ll try to snap some today and put the pics up tonight!


One thought on “Menu Plan Monday – Sept. 1

  1. Your menu sounds perfect for moving. Best wishes this week. The last time we moved, we found that unpacking and organizing the kitchen first made life so much easier. Since we could breakfast, cook dinner, and grab something to drink, unpacking everything else was a breeze.

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