Mudroom – Organizing RoundUp…

Yet another great thing started over at Organizied Junkie’s Blog – A monthly organizing roundup.  Being the organizational freak that I am (I have even organized stuff for a yard sale for this weekend!  I’m talking quilts, sheets, etc. tied up with ribbon, tablecloths, napkins, etc in ziplock baggies and labeled….), well, I just love this monthly organizing idea!  I’m already becoming addicted to her blog!

So this month’s ‘challenge’ is the Mudroom.  Well, we don’t officially HAVE a mudroom.  We have a split level home, and so the layout it kinda funky.  But ther is an entryway right off the garage (downstairs) which is where the majority of the ‘stuff’ that comes into the house gets dropped.  Backpacks, shoes, jackets, you name it.  Well, I finally cleaned that area up last week when we listed our hosue for sale…here is it all clean…

Then after reading about the monthly roundup, and this month being the mudroom, I thought “Hey!  This would be a great place to create a “mock mudroom”!”  So, I walked around the house until I found something I could use to create this whole mudroom thing…a black wire shelf I was using in my scrapbook room, but it had a lot of unused space, so out to the entryway it went.

After an hour or so of organizing…here’s the end result:




On the top shelf is our “Box O Fun” for traveling – it has dvd’s the portable dvd player and some car toys (Mr potato head, magnadoodles, etc)

The next to the top shelf has baskets with scarves, taboggins (sp??) and a place for my purse:


The next shelf down has a basket for hats, and a small basket for keys, cell phone and other small items you need to grab as you’re going out the door:


And on the bottom (didn’t get a closeup pic) – room for jackets, a couple baskets, labeled with my kids’ names so they can drop in any items they bring in and easily carry the whole thing up when it needs to be unloaded.  Under this shelf is a place for shoes.

On the side, my dh made me a couple hooks to hang for the backpacks:




I did this on Sunday night and it’s Tuesday morning and so far, so good!  The kids are using it just like they should!


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