Menu Plan Monday

I recently discovered a GREAT blog called “Organizing Junkie“…being the organizing freak that I am…I fell it love with it immediately!  In addition to organizing, she also does this thing called “Menu Plan Monday” where she (and hundreds of others) post their weekly menu plan each Monday – many including recipes!  I totally love this idea b/c I have been thinking about doing a weekly menu plan to try and streamline dinner.  So, I’m giving it a shot! 

ETA:  I changed up a couple of days and added a day that I had dedicated to leftovers.  I realized I had some homemade bread that needed to be used, so I’m going to make croutons with it, and have soup to put the croutons on.

Here’s my plan for this week – CLICK HERE FOR RECIPES or click on any of the links:

Monday:  Grilled Pork Chops, Curly Cheese Potatoes, Steamed Broccolli

Tuesday:  Easy Meatloaf, Green Beans, Corn (any leftover meat loaf will be crumbled and frozen to be used later)

Wednesday:  Wild Rice Soup with homemade croutons (made from ‘stale’ homemade bread)

Thursday:  Bourbon Chicken, Rice Pilaf

Friday:  Homemade Pizza, Salad

Saturday: Lasagna Pinwheels (using any meat left over from the meatloaf), Garlic Muffins


We usually have a little ‘treat’ in the evening after dinner as well…either a fruit smoothie or a “No-Ice Cream Milkshake”  🙂


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