Wow…long time, no blog! ;)

It’s been crazy busy around here lately.  We went on vacation to TX for two weeks.  One week later, school started.  One week later, we started the process of buying a new house.  So, right now, we’re in the chaotic state of trying to get our house in order to be sold and start packing to move our things into the new (smaller) house.  Whew!  And of course, there are wrestling practices for son, MOPS meetings for me (of which, I am the publicity coordinator, so I have things I have to do for that), and a few cake orders.  I’m tired just thinking about all of that!

We THINK we’ll be closing on the new house this Friday, but we’re not sure if the current owner will be able to have all his things out at that time, so we may not be able to move right away. 

Anyway…Here are some pics of the house…I’m so excited…I’ve spent days planning the furniture and decorating in my head!

I’ll post new pics once we get moved in!


2 thoughts on “Wow…long time, no blog! ;)

  1. Glad to hear that things are going well with the new house. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your current house sells quickly

  2. Carla… I love the house pics! I love the sun porch… what a great space!! Will you be painting or will you leave the colors the way they are. I like the red (I’m all for color on walls)… but I know it can be to bold for some people. Have fun planning!!

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