A new shooting location…with my 2 favorite models!

Yep, that’s right…they’re my kids!  Although they don’t always cooperate with me during photo shoots…like this day, for example.  I took my kids to a new place to scope it out and get some shots – a park that’s about 15-20 minutes from my house that I had never been to!  My daughter did pretty well, but the boy wasn’t in the mood.  And it was HOT.  And they would rather play on the playground. 

It is an AWESOME place for shooting!  Some cool old buildings on the premises, a train caboose that sits on a little section of track, lots of trees and nature.  I can’t wait to take some clients out there!   Get ready for photo overload!

Some on/around the caboose:

And some around the old buildings:

I don’t know what this building was…maybe just a shed. But I loved the feel of it. 

The door had fallen off and was laying on the ground so I had her sit on it…

At this point my kids were hot and done with photos.  I got some shots of the other buildings and such, but it’s taking forever for the photos to load, so I’ll do that another day.


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