Happy 4th! It’s time for FIREWORKS!!!

So, technically it’s the 5th…and in 5 minutes it will be the 6th!  But, I wasnt’ able to get any shots of fireworks until tonight.  They put on a show at the local marina, so me, the kids and my grandmother went down to watch them.  I wasn’t able to get a GREAT view…I would have liked to have been down a little closer to the water so I could get some reflections in the water, but I couldn’t.  I had my 81 year old mammaw with me and she couldn’t trek down that far.

SO…this is what I ended up with…these are my first tries at “real” fireworks photos, so please be honest with me.  How did I do?  For the photogs out there…I shot these at ISO 200, 5″SS, and my Fstop was anywhere between 3.8 and 5.6 – I moved it around a little.

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