Who needs a logo? :)

I have recently started creating logos for myself,  and I have had a few people ask me about creating them a logo.  So, I am now “in the business” of creating logos!  If you’re interested, please leave a comment here on my blog and I’ll get with you about the details!  I am charging $25 for the initial logo, and $10 for any variations you might want to go with it (like a business card, a blog header, watermark, etc). 

I’ll post some examples soon!

2 thoughts on “Who needs a logo? :)

  1. U e mailed me on my twopeas account and told me to message you on here about me wanting some water marks! I want something really colorfull and cutsie fore toddler shots and kids shots fun wm? I want it to read “A Moment In Time photography by Shannon Joyner” or Shannon Joyner photography on th e fun one’s I also want one that is romantic and scrollworky and elegant for wedding shots and engagements and maternity something classy! I also want one that has the see through ribbon look that goes all the way across the page that reads “Shannon Joyner photography. Let me know what u can do and some prices please?? Thanks

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