Today’s Wedding Cake + Cookies…and the cutest baseball fan EVER!

Well, let me just start by saying…don’t EVER severely sprain your ankle 2 weeks before you have to make a 4 tier wedding cake + 50 cookies, and two occasion cakes (Not to mention going to baseball practices and games!).  I am exhausted and my foot is really feeling it right now.  I was up till at least midnight almost every night this week preparing for this cake…it had handmade sugarpast roses on it, each of which take at least an hour to make b/c I have to make each petal individually, let them dry for a bit, then assemble the rose.  Then, dust them with colored powders to give them a more realistic look.  And last night I was up until 2 am working on the cookies.  And had to finish them this morning!  So, here is the wedding cake…after all that work, it did turn out very nice, I think:  (Please forgive me for the photo quality…it was pretty dark in the room, and my foot was really killing me by the time I got this thing delivered, so I was in a hurry to get home!)

And here are the matching cookies that were given as her wedding favors to the guests:

So I came home from delivering that cake and got to work on two more cakes!  Yep…I said TWO more.  A friend called late on Thursday wanting to know if I could do a cake for her son who’s turning 18 on Sunday, and I couldn’t say no, so I had to work on that one.  Plus, I had told my son’s coach at the beginning of the season that I would make a cake for their little “banquet” they have at the end of the season.  Of course, I had no idea it would fall on the same week as this wedding, and of course, I had no idea I would sprain my ankle right before this weekend either.  -insert agrivated smilie here!  So, I made a baseball jersey cake for them…nothing spectacular…as a matter of fact, I’m almost ashamed to take it, b/c it’s NOT my caliber of a cake.    I mean, here’s the cake I did for the team last year that looked like their ball caps:

So, after that…you’ll laugh when I post the pic of this year’s cake.  Seriously.  You will.  I’ll get some shots of it tomorrow in the daylight and post it then.


Now, one more thing…the ABSOLUTE cutest baseball fan ever…my adorable little nephew came to watch my son’s ballgame last night, and just had to get a front row seat:

Isn’t he the cutest!


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