No more crutches! And a cool new photo bag/purse I made!

Woohoo!!  I am finally walking without crutches.  It feels so good to be rid of those things.  Now, granted, I am walking as slow as a turtle, and I look like a penguin from behind b/c I have to kind waddle from side to side to avoid pain, but hey…I’m walkig w/o crutches!  It’s a GOOD thing!  My armpits were so sore from the crutches rubbing them, and the heels of my hands were tender to the touch from the pressure put on them when walking on the crutches.

I’m able to put basically all my body weight (which, unfortunately, is a lot more than it used to be!) on the bad foot, as long as I don’t roll it to either side at all.  That still hurts quite a bit.  And I still can’t really flex my toes up toward my shins, that hurts.  But the swelling is going down a lot…just some localized around the actual injured area.  And the bruising is starting to finally fade away some. 


On a totally different subject…I made a cute little purse/tote bag with my kiddos pics and my logo on it:

I’ve ordered some really cool fabric that practically matches my logo and my next project (after I finish a wedding cake and two occasion cakes this weekend!) is a camera bag.  I’ll share it when it’s done!



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