Some assorted pics…my jumping kids, a family photo, baseball,Field day at school…

This post will have photo over load!  Lots of stuff to share.  I thought about posting each one seperately, but decided to just put them all in one post.

So, here goes… First off, is our newest family photo – it’s nothing special, I just sat up my tripod and took a couple quick shots.  We needed a current photo for a reunion thing or something, so this wasn’t very planned out…just quickly thrown together.  This shot is Straight out of the camera…I really need to crop and do some post processing to it!







Next up…a few of my adorable kids on a trampoline!  Their grandmom’s neighbor has a trampoline and they almost always go over and do some jumping when we are there visiting.  Here’s our latest visit:




My son also had field day last week – school is now officially out!  So, here are a few fun pics from field day:

This was a race where the classes were competing against each other…the teachers were sitting on table cloths and the kids had to drag their teachers across the field on their tablecloth and be the firs across the finish line!

And this was the “Shoe Race” they had to take their shoes off and place them down at one end, and then make a line at the other end.  THey had to race down, find both their shoes, put them on and race back across the starting line. 

And the obstacle course…on your mark…get set…go!


I think that’s enough for one post…I’ll do the others in different posts!


Stay tuned!


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