31 year old woman jumps off trampoline and injures foot…

That was the headline in the paper on Monday morning.  Well, no, not really, but I felt like it should have been.  I felt so stupid!  So, here’s the story…

My kids had been invited to a b/day party at a local gymnastics center on Sunday.  This place has trampolines built into the floor, and right before we left my DD wanted me to jump for just a minute.  I enjoy jumping on a trampoline (my inlaws’ neighbor has one and we play on it a lot when visiting, as you can see from a previous post), so I decided to please my daughter and jump a bit.  Well, the jumping went fine, it was the “dismounting” that didn’t.  When I came off the trampoline, back onto the floor, I rolled my right ankle over completely.  I heard a pop and looked down and there was huge protrusion on the right side of my foot.  I couldn’t even take one step it hurt so badly.  Some friends got me sat down and one friend is a physical therapist and looked at it and told me he was pretty sure I had broken it.  Oy.  So, they took me to the ER.  My DH was sleeping b/c he was working his 3rd shift rotation that night, so I was scared that they wouldn’t get ahold of him b/c he wears earplugs to sleep well.  But the friend kept calling, and thank the Lord, one of my DH’s earplugs had fallen out and he actuall HEARD the phone ring!  God is so good!  So, he came rushing over to the hospital.  They did x-rays, and determined that there were no broken bones, just some severe tears in my ligaments.  They wrapped my foot up in an ace bandage, gave me crutches and sent me home.  I didn’t get pics of my first on that first day…but here’s what it looked like on Monday (day 2):

And here’s day 3 (Tuesday) – the bruising had increased a lot, but he swelling had gone down significantly:

I’ll add more updated pics in a day or two!

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