Well, you might as well get used to it…I’ll probably be posting a lot of baseball pics over the next couple months!  Here are a few from tonight – they are a little ‘noisy’ (or grainy) b/c I had to crank up my ISO since it was late in the evening and VERY overcast – as a matter of fact it started raining HARD just as our game was over!  They were all taken at ISO:1600, SS:1/800, F5.6

Here’s my son on deck:

Him batting:

And running into 1st- check out his cute little tongue!  🙂 :

And here…he was saying to the 1st base coach “I think we’re gonna win this one!”

Did we win?  No, we didn’t.  They played really good for the first 3 innings, and were ahead during that time…but after that the just kinda quit…it was SO cold out there tonight – and windy and sprinking rain part of the time.  I think they just couldn’t concentrate b/c of the cold!

Anyway…thanks for looking!  You might see more this weekend…another game!

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