Black Crayon + Dryer = A huge mess!

Yes, one of my dear, lovely chidren apparently stuck a black crayon (of all colors!) in one of their pockets and it got washed…and then dried…which caused it to melt…all over every single piece of clothing.  Most importantly…ALL my son’s SCHOOL UNIFORMS!!   I don’t have pics to share…I thought about it after it was too late…but let me tell you, it was BAD.  There was black stuff everywhere on his clothes, it almost looked like he’d laid down in a tar pit and rolled around.  I was sure they were ruined.  But I figured I should at least give it a shot (beats buying ALL new uniforms, right???)  Well, almost hours, 2 Stain Sticks and 1.5 bottles of Oxi-Clean spray and several scoops of powdered oxi-clean later…we now have CLEAN uniforms!  Woo-hoo!   I could NOT believe that it took it all out, but it did.  Wanna know the secret?  Well, I’m not sure if I’d call it a ‘secret’, but here’s what worked for me:

Step 1:  Rub the Stain Stick all over the bad areas (in my case…pretty much the entire garment!).

Step 2:  Spray Oxi-Clean spray all over the bad areas (again, in my case…all over!).

Step 3:  Fold the clothes “onto” themselves so that the spray will say moist longer.

Step 4:  Let them sit for about 30 minutes (at least…you can let them sit overnight even).

Step 5:  Put clothes in washer, add detergent like normal, and add 3 scoops of oxi-clean powder (overdoing it?  Maybe…but it worked!), let washer fill and agitate, but DO NOT LET IT SPIN OUT!

Step 6:  Let clothes soak in the washer for at least 30 minutes.  Then wash as usual.    Viola!  No more crayon!


Like I said, it took me a LONG time to stain stick AND oxi-clean spray EVERY spot on EVERY peice of clothing in that load (it was a BIG load of clothes too!), but it was well worth it to not have to buy all new uniforms and other clothes for my kid!


One thought on “Black Crayon + Dryer = A huge mess!

  1. Well, that wouldn’t work with the red crayon that’s melted on my front seat now would it-it won’t fit in the washer!!! LOL

    Now they leave the crayons at the restaurant!

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