ORGANIZATION – gotta love it!

Yes, I admit…I’m a organizational freak.  Well, maybe not FREAK (that sounds kinda scary!), but I do love organization.  I love taking a messy area or room and turning into a neat and tidy area!

So, the other night at 9 pm I decided I needed to re-organize our laundry room and pantry (the two areas are basically in the same room).  I do this every few months or so.  So, here are the before pics:

First…here’s a pic of the door going into these rooms so you can kinda see how it’s laid out.  This pics is taken standing at the door, looking toward the right.  And this room is off of my kitchen:



Laundry Room:  The main problem was the shelving above the washer/dryer:

Messy Laundry room

 And the Pantry – notice the messy shelves and the junked up floor:

 Messy pantry 1  Messy Pantry 2

About an hour and a half later…look at the laundry room now:

Clean Laundry Room  I ended up throwing MOST of the junk on those shelves away!  Doesn’t it look so much better? 

And here is a pic of our “cleaning bin” up close – this is the bin we carry around from room to room when doing our ‘big cleaning’.


And, I didn’t do anything to the broom/ironing board area (which is behind you as you look at the washer/dryer), but here it is anyway:


Now for the CLEAN, ORGANIZED Pantry:  Notice the CLEAN floor (except for the cooler and the kids’ stepstools)

img_4496.jpg  img_4497.jpg

And some closeups:

Paper Goods “area” – that’s a pot lid holder that’s supposed to be mounted inside a cabinet door that I’m using for the paper plates.


And the “Coffee Station”:


The “Snack Station” – this is on a shelf low enough that the kids can help themselves.


Up next…my new camera!


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