Girls, your packages went postal today!

Well, Pinky & Dee’s did.  I still don’t have karriecook’s addy.  My email is .  Please email me soon or I will draw another name to send these goodies to…I need to get rid of them!

 I have done a few layouts over the last week or so, but I’m submitting them for DT calls, so I can’t share them with you!  Sorry! 
Oh, and I got my FABULOUS PRIZE PACKAGE from the lovely and talented TERESA COLLINS (she is just the best…check out her blog, link in is the sidebar!)  a few days ago!  Let me tell you, that box was LOADED with goodies, things just kept coming and kept coming out of that box!  I took pics, so I’ll share them later…I only have a couple minutes before I have to run back out to my son’s school to help with a fun project they’re doing for the 100th day of school today. 

Anyway…my son’s first basketball scrimmage is tonight…I’ll have to take my camera, and hopefully I can get a few good action shots for some fun pages. 

I have a wedding cake to do next weekend…I have mixed feelings.  I haven’t done any cakes for about a month and half (I purposely didn’t take any orders so I could have a break), so I kinda am excited to be doing another one, but on the other hand, I’m like ‘oh man…I have to fire up the oven and actually bake cakes again!’.  And this one is going to be pretty basic…nothing fancy, so it won’t even be very challenging for me.  Oh well.  I have another wedding and 2 baby cakes for February, so maybe those will be better!

I’ll post some pics in a day or two!  I promise!


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