RAK time!

I have been cleaning up & trying to reorganize my scrap room and have found lots of things that I just really don’t need – lots of stickers, some papers, punches, and who knows what else I’ll find as I continue!  So, I decided to give it to YOU!  But…you have to work for it!  🙂  Well, all you have to really do is leave me a comment telling me  your favorite organizational tip  (or your favorite organizing piece/tool), and I will draw a winner! 

I have decided to draw TWO winners on Thursday, so LEAVE THOSE COMMENTS, GIRLS!!!

Pics of what’s in the RAK!! 

img_3903.jpg   img_3921.jpg

15 thoughts on “RAK time!

  1. okay, so proud of you. i need to do this too. do not pick me…he he…just came by to say HI to you…

    I say…my best organizing tip is to give away the items you haven’t used in months to a someone who will use it or to a hospital/store….


  2. Carla, hey there if you still have the stuff left over I know 2 ladies on the site that could use it.
    Let me know

  3. Hi Carla

    Your scrapspace looks great.

    I have purchased plastic stacking boxes and each of my foam stamps go in a box. I then cut out the picture of the font and stick that on the front of the box and that way I know which one is which. Works really well as all the boxes can stack on top of each other. Saves space too!


    Michelle Ramsay
    South Africa

  4. My favorite organizing is always making sure I have 2 drawers just fr cardstock and paper scraps, so I can always cut a shape when I need it. And I don’t lose them.

  5. Hi Carla!

    My favorite organization is I just finished wrapping all m ribbon on floss cards and into a floss box, LOVE it! So nice to see all my ribbon in one place at a glance, rather than rummaging through a shoebox and baggies!

    Steph 🙂

  6. Hi Carla,

    I am leaving this tip for my DIL(taun)…her internet is down right now!

    I keep all my scraps in a stack of 12 X 12 drawers so that when I need a small or large scrap…it will always be with in reach. I also do this becuae it keeps the scraps neat and actually usable.

    Also, because my scrap room is also my office, I have a roll around cabinet with drawers that I use little bins of different sizes to hole my small items such as eyelets, brads, glue, alphs, etc. My ribbon is color coordinated in baskets on a shelf in one of my many bookshelves…that hold no books (imagine that!! 🙂

  7. My organizational tip is to sort embellishments by color. Once I did this, I used so many more of my stash. Love your blog. The colors are gorgeous!

  8. Glad you came over to MM4U, your space is wonderful, and your RAK is very generous 🙂 Cant wait to chat more ! Have a great weekend 🙂

  9. i love using those $1. clear shoe boxes for my small supplies.(i have them in a small bookcase)…i label them and even can see what they are at a quick glance. love your blog! the colors are cool!

    jen t aka scrapaddict 🙂

  10. Hi Carla,
    I live in a very small space – so organization is VERY important. I keep a lot of my stuff in travel totes because I bring scrap things to work with me (lucky girl). In my camper, I use under the bed storage bins for scraps, stickers, and photos. Then I have a wooden rack that holds 12 x 12 paper (got it for a $1 at a yard sale and painted it like new) it holds several clear plastic shoe boxes as well. At least every 4-5 months I have to clean out my supplies and give away things I am not using (my daughter in law loves this).

  11. great blog.

    I keep my 12 x 12 pp in my cropper hopper. I have plastic containers that contain my embellies, sorted in each kind. my buttons are sorted per color in a separate organization keeper also.

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